The Bulletproof Guide to General Proofreading

In this course, you’ll learn some easy-to-apply techniques and how to make the most of the many everyday tools available to help eliminate embarrassing mistakes and typos. There’s also a section dedicated to reducing errors in email messages.

You don’t need to be a grammar guru to benefit from this course. It’s pitched at those with a general understanding of English language and aims to provide skills to enhance your writing in your job or business.

This course is designed for:

  • small business owners
  • anyone with a job that involves writing – personal assistants, customer service representatives, account managers, receptionists, legal staff, human resources specialists, business development specialists, graphic designers, administrators, school staff, communications and marketing professionals, and many more
  • managers in large businesses or government departments who would like to provide professional development training in this area for their teams
  • anyone wanting to improve their general proofreading skills.

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